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Inside Storage is Better for Your Boat

Storing your boat in the water provides the benefit of perfect support along the length of the hull. But the potential for ice damage to the hull, deck, and interior make in-water storage impractical for most of us.

No matter where you store your boat, it must be covered to keep water, or ice and snow, from working its way down into the boat and causing deterioration or damage from freezing. The difficulty in achieving a good tarp set-up is that you must keep water and snow out, but at the same time allow for good ventilation. Otherwise, condensation can cause as many problems as water and ice. Avoid using your boom as a ridge pole; it can place tremendous strain on your boom and rig. Instead, remove your boom and make a stem-to-stern ridge out of lumber.

The best solution for out-of-water storage is to keep your boat inside for the winter. Water damage is no longer a problem, and the sun's strong ultraviolet (UV) rays will not be able to work their harm on painted, varnished, or gelcoated exterior surfaces while the boat sits idle. Inside boat storage provides protection for repair or upgrading projects.

Among wooden boat owners, dirt floors are the preferred surface for storage buildings because they allow a certain amount of humidity to remain in the building, slowing the drying-out of the wood and joinery. Good ventilation will also help prevent excessive moisture and mildew buildup.

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